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Safe & Sound With... Mattress Medic the proven solution to total hygiene and allergy protection

 Mattress Medic is the proven solution to total hygiene and allergy protection. Have your mattresses sanitized and protected from the major cause of all allergies!

 How does it work?
Having your textiles treated will eliminate existing infestations by destroying the food chain which the dust mites thrive and procreate from (i.e. skin and excrement). Without this source dust mites, mould, fungi and bacteria cannot develop.

How long does my treatment last?
Professional treatments will last until any treated item or area is laundered or commercially cleaned by water extraction methods. It is resistant to dry cleaning, wear and daily maintenance but re-treatment's are essential to items that have been washed or after three dry cleans.

 How is Mattress Medic applied?
Your mattresses will be treated by me Ian Hayter a trained professional in mattress hygiene and sanitisation treatment. Mattresses will be commercially pre-vacuumed, cleaned using safe cleaning solutions and finally the treatment solution will be applied by approved methods and equipment.



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Safe in application and use
Mattress Medic has beed extensively independanlty tested and is endorsed for safe use in the home, it contains well known and world-wide broadly registered substances, contains no heavy metals and has no skin irratation or sensitisation. A comprehensive guide is available by request.

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