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How much Does it Cost?

I provide clear and honest pricing with no nasty hidden extras. Charges are calculated accurately using industry specific software and are based on national averages, whilst keeping the balance between value and price at a fair and reasonable level to conduct a truly professional service specific to your individual cleaning requirements.

To determine the cost of your specific cleaning requirements an 'on site' survey will need to be conducted. The survey is free of charge with no obligation if you wish not to use my services. On completion of the survey you will be given a written quotation, your quote will be fully inclusive, there are no hidden extras - it includes all the solutions, equipment and labour needed to get the job done correctly.

I do not charge VAT, there is a minimum charge of only £50.00 (unless otherwise agreed). IR Hayter Services is independently owned and operated professional carpet and soft furnishing cleaning specialist, I do not have the restraints of a franchise allowing me to provide affordable and adaptable solutions for all whilst being competitively priced.

 What Cleaning System do you use?

I have all cleaning systems available from dry cleaning through to heavy duty commercial grade 'Steam Cleaning'. I am not tied to one system of cleaning and have a vast range of truly professional equipment. I can offer the most suitable cleaning system based on your own individual requirements.

I also use the latest, deep cleaning, high performance hot water extraction system, sometimes referred to as ''STEAM CLEANING''. This system is very thorough and ensures the best possible results.

It is highly effective at removing traffic marks, most types of stains and restoring carpets to a good condition and is safe and kind to many carpet types, including wool and wool mixes.

Each carpet is inspected and treated with the appropriate cleaning method / product.

Leading Carpet manufactures recommend the systems that I use.

Only the best quality cleaning products and solutions are used in all of my services.

 Will Cleaning reduce the life of my carpet?

 No quite the opposite.

This system removes the grit, sand and soil, which is walked in and settles deep in the carpets pile. This cuts and frays the fibres, reducing the life of the carpet through frictional wear. Cleaning will not only extend the carpets life by years but will also maintain a healthy environment! Carpets in moderate to heavy usage areas should be cleaned regularly to keep them in good condition.

 What about marks and stains?

 Most types of marks and stains are removed during cleaning. Tar, candle wax, food and drink spills, oil and greasy marks can usually be removed with specialist treatments, during the cleaning operation.

However some types of stains such as tea, coffee, and food dye stains my have fixed or have changed the colour of the fibre, these must be tested to verify removal. Where heavy staining has occurred, this will require extra time and specialist solutions to remove.  

How long does it take to dry?

Rest assured your carpets and soft furnishings will not be soaking wet if they are cleaned by a professional who has the correct training and uses the latest techniques and equipment. Carpets, rugs and upholstery are left only lightly damp or even dry and are ready to walk / sit on with minimal disruption. Depending on the type of carpet and weather on the day of the clean, drying can take between 30 minutes up to around 6 hours depending on the cleaning system used. I have a range of specific specialist drying equipment available, this will aid and assist the drying process keeping drying times to an absolute minimum.

 Do I need to move furniture?

Generally it is not necessary to move large items, such as heavy cabinets, television units etc. I carry specific equipment to move furniture where and when it is required. We can discuss in full during your free quotation / survey where all the relevant information relating to your clean will be given in full.

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